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Auckland Moving to Level 2

Update - Tuesday 25th August - returning to school Alert Level 2 on Monday 31st August

Kia ora e te whānau

Thank you once more for your support through Alert Level 3.   Next week we move back to Alert Level 2.  We are really looking forward to welcoming all our students back onsite on Monday 31st August.  Being back with their friends will help reduce any anxiety they are feeling.  

Our staff are planning programmes to make their return as smooth as possible. Under Ministry guidelines, our school will be operating pretty close to normal. Teachers will work on getting back into academic learning routines, but priorities will be on:

  1. Revisiting class expectations to provide structure and predictability, but maintaining a calm classroom atmosphere.
  2. Using our Peace Circles to give children time to express their feelings and be listened to.
  3. Having time for physical activity outside each day - preparing for Cross Country and Athletics.
  4. Continue with our Technology unit.
  5. Reinforcing hygiene routines as these remain the best ways to prevent spread of COVID.
  • Hand hygiene - washing hands on arrival at school, before and after eating, and after using shared equipment where possible.
  • Keeping hands off their face and hair.
  • Cough etiquette - into your elbow, tissues straight into the bin.
  • Physical distancing - no touching each other and if you can feel the person's breath you are too close.
  • Not sharing food or water bottles (each child to bring their own).
  • Cleaning and disinfecting our high touch surfaces regularly.
  • Staying home if you are sick.
  • Displaying QR code posters at our entrances and encouraging all of our community to download the NZ COVID Tracer App and use it if they come onsite
  • Keeping a visitor register for anyone who cannot use the app and for other visitors who come onsite for a period of time.

Because of these measures, your child does not need to wear a face-covering while at school. We will of course support them should they choose to do so.​

OPENING HOURS - We would like children to have the least amount of time onsite as possible, so they are to arrive no earlier than 8:15am, and to leave as soon as the 3pm bell goes. They need to make their way straight to their class and wash their hands.

While there are no restrictions on the numbers of people indoors or outside at schools (except visiting groups), the more people we have onsite, the harder physical distancing is. Exceptions will be made based on individual circumstances e.g. a child's first day at MEPS.  If you do come to school, please make sure you have the NZ COVID Tracer App on your phone and that you scan our QR code at the entrance.

For those of you who might be finding things more difficult than usual, a reminder that there is a large range of support available for businesses and the community. We encourage you to go to covid19.govt.nz for more information, or get in touch with Mr. Easthouse (Rudi - 022-046-7834) and we will help you to find the information and support you need.

THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Whaea Steph and all the MEPS staff.


Click the SCHOOL STAFF tab above to find your child's teacher's email address.  Please contact them if you have any questions, need more information or support.

Click the HOME LEARNING LINKS tab above for more ideas.

ONLINE ACCESS TO SEESAW or CLASS DOJO and READING EGGS (Y1-4) or MATHLETICS (Y5-8)    You can access some of your children’s learning at school by signing up to either Seesaw or Class Dojo. Students have online access either to Reading Eggs or Mathletics. Please make sure that you know your children's logins and passwords. 

STUDENTS’ GOOGLE ACCOUNTS - all students do have a school google account, but only our senior students (Y5-8) might know their login details.  Teachers will send out login information if they think this will be useful for Home Learning.

HOME LEARNING WITHOUT DEVICES - Have a think about all the other things that you can do without a device - reading books, crosswords, Sudoku, gardening, board games, card games, cooking, building, creating etc. Our teachers will also put some ideas out through Seesaw or Class Dojo.

HOME LEARNING LOG - To help your children establish a routine, print or draw this timetable below so that they can record what learning they have been doing at home.  They can take a photo of their log to send to their class teacher through Class Dojo, Seesaw a Google Doc or email.


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