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ME Family Services: Talking Rubbish



   ME Family Services Talking Rubbish Team

          Koia Teinakore & Justine Skilling




Future generations will rightly hold us to account.  Modern living is too quick to dispose of the things it no longer wants, or dismiss those people who appear to offer nothing of value to our community.  Yet much of what we call rubbish, or waste, is in fact not rubbish at all.  It holds significant resources, and if we change our perspective and look at the ‘rubbish’ in our lives differently, we stand to be rewarded with its value.

Talking Rubbish is therefore about the opportunity we take to build our legacy from the resources contained in the materials and parts of the community that tend to get discarded.  Microbusiness support for families to help them better control their income, a resource centre for recovering, repurposing and recycling unwanted materials, or the Men’s Shed to provide support and give new meaning to people’s lives is what Talking Rubbish at ME is all about.

If you have an initiative that could give new meaning and new purpose to those living in our community the ME would love to hear from you.

Email: koia@mefsc.org.nz          Email: justine@mefsc.org.nz