Tracey Kauta

Fakaalofa atu/ Hello/Greetings/ Ko e higoa haaku/ My name is Rebecca Tracey Kauta.

I was born on the beautiful island of Niue and my parents arrived to this beautiful country we call home when I was just a baby. I'm from a family of 6 children raised by such incredible loving parents. I first worked for a tiny thriving printing company based in the heart of Auckland city which has now become

The Britomart Train Station. I was there for 8 years learning from kind caring staff. Just a couple of years later my husband and I became the proud parents of our dearest son. When I returned to work I had the privilege of working alongside a vibrant team at our local Mangere East Family Service Centre where I remained for 3 years. Soon after I started my new job at Mangere East Primary in 2002. Working alongside both staff and students has been very rewarding. Every single day has been a learning curve for me and the experiences along the way have left lasting memories.

I work in the library and have created many fond memories and I am definitely looking forward to creating new ones. Let's go MEPS


Mana Misikini


Janet Tuiama

Talofa lava, my name is Janet Tuitama and I am the Chaplain.

After working in the corporate sector for over 20+ years,

I decided to pursue a career that would be more purposeful. I have been a Chaplain since 2016 and it has been a privilege to empower, engage, listen and support the well-being of many students over the years.

I love sharing tools and creating action steps for students to support their learning and behaviour.

Every day is never the same. "LIFE is worth living when you LIVE with Purpose!"

Lingi Mokalei

Fakalofa Iahi atu, my name is Whaea Lingi.

I am a mother of a family of 5 children, four boys and one girl and have eleven grandchildren.

I have been a teacher aide at MEPS for the past fourteen years. It is a privilege to teach, help and support our tamariki.

Jane Moimoi

Hello Malo e lelei Talofa lava, My name Is Jane Moimoi I am Tongan Samoan. I have been part of the Mangere East Whanau for many years with all my 9 kids have attending Mangere East in their Primary, many years making memories that have honestly stuck with them for a life time.

I have been blessed to be a member of the Board of Trustees for 5 years as a parent rep and what an amazing experience it was to be able to be a voice for our tamariki and whanau. I can proudly say that many years later i am still blessed to be part of this growing whanau but this time as learning support for our Tamariki. I love working together with our Teachers and our tamarikis whanau to help our tamariki reach their potential in all that they do for I am a true believer that It takes a village to raise a child. May we continue at MEPS to be blessed with patience and love and the knowledge to serve our tamariki and their whanau the best we can. 'Ofa lahi atu and God bless.

Kari Latu

Talofa lava! My name is Metala Kari Latu.

I currently work at MEPS as a ESOL Support Staff.

I am married with 5 beautiful children.

I love my job and everything about it, and enjoy working with the students. I am a Samoan.

Eteuati Usutonu

My name is Eteuati, and I am Samoan support staff, working with the O LOU ALA I MALO TEAM.

Faasopo Masoe-Ulberg

Talofa lava. My name is Faasopo Masoe-Ulberg.

I am currently working at MEPS as a ESOL support staff and am currently working in room 6.

I enjoy working as a team with teachers to help educate our children especially with their learning and work in their classroom. Because our children are our bright future.

Faafetai tele lava

Rita Gago

My name is Rita Gago. I'm a learning assistant here at Meps.

I am so blessed to be working with such beautiful people that are very supportive.

I wouldn't be anywhere else. God bless

Rose Hall

Kia ora, I'm a Mum of 4 beautiful children. I've been a parent of MEPS for over 11 years and a staff member for nearly

3 years. I'm a Licenced Zumba Instructor so energy is a must when working around children and playing my part in the office.

Prior to working in the office and as a Teacher aide, I was a health coach teaching people in our community to live a healthy active lifestyle. I owned and operated my own nutrition club on Buckland Road. Working at MEPS was a huge opportunity for me and my family.

I love my job!

Ryan Seong


I am Ryan from South Korea. I have travelled to lots of countries and have filled up various experiences in my life.

In different schools, I tried up-to-date teaching methods to my students.

I currently work at Mangere East school to accelerate students' English skill.

Malia Fuimaono

My name is Malia Fuimaono. I have four children.

I work in Kahu team. I like helping the students with their learning.

I am a friendly person. Always happy to see a big smile.

Angini Nadan

Bula and Namaste. My name is Angini Nadan. I am from the beautiful Island of Fiji.

I have 2 handsome sons.

I am a High Learning Need Teacher Assistant (HLN) at MEPS.

I love working with children and helping them achieve their goals.


Esha Lata

Bula Vinaka, I am Esha originally from the beautiful islands of Fiji.

I am happily married and blessed with two beautiful children.

I am a English Learning Assistant (ELA) at Mangere East Primary School.

I love working with children and supporting them with their learning.

Rachel Tanielu

Kia ora, my name is Rachel Tanielu and I am a Teacher aide/Learning assistant at MEPS.

I am married with three beautiful daughters. I

n my spare time I love watching sports, shopping and spending time at home with my family.

Olga Lychagina

Kia Ora! My name is Olga Lychagina.

Originally I am from Russia and moved to New Zealand in 2013. In my native country I used to be a teacher of English teaching a diverse range of students.

I’ve been working in MEPS since 2017 as an English Language Learning Support Assistant.

My motto is: ‘I love to teach,

I teach to love.’ Thanks to my students who give me challenges in making our learning process exciting and successful not to get bored but enjoy

Rifat Begum

Hi, my name is Rifat Begum and I am a support teacher at MEPS.

I have been in this field almost three years and I am really enjoying my time with the students and giving them great support in their learning.

I love my job.

Regina Hyland-Webster

Kia ora my name is Regina Hyland-Webster aka Whaea Gina & I am a Learning Assistant here at MEPS.

This is my 2nd year & I thoroughly enjoy working with the students & teachers, I decided to become a Learning Assistant so that I could help 10 of my grandchildren with their homework.

My interests & spare time revolve around my family watching & supporting my grandchildren playing rugby league

Waka ama & other activities they maybe involved in other times we just hang out together & a phrase I like to recite to them is 'The More You Learn, The More You will Earn'.

Nana Huia - Parehuia Brown